Energex charges for solar installation

Energex charges for solar installation

Some of our solar customers may have recently received hefty bills from their electricity suppliers for the change-over installation of a new meter box.

These charges were previously shared by all South East Queensland customers but now they will be paid by the individual customer.

There are two main areas which will impact domestic customers:

  1. Metering Service Charge (MSC) from 1 July 2015
  2. Upfront Meter Installation Service Charge from 1 August 2015

If your system was installed after 1 August you will, unfortunately incur these fees. 

Reconfiguring your old meter to accomodate solar will cost $275.
Installing a new meter for solar will cost approximately $620.

Connecting solar power to the Energex network requires the cooperation of several parties and Energex plays two key roles.

  1. To provide you with permission to connect to the network.
  2. To alter the metering at your premises, to allow any generation to be accounted for in your quarterly electricity bill.

The process for connections up to 30kW

Step 1: Superior Solar Solutions will submit a Network Connection Application to Energex on your behalf.
Step 2: This application is assessed by Energex.
Step 3: Connection offer is made.
Step 4: Superior Solar Solutions commences the installation and the installers will show you how to turn on your system once the meter has been changed.
Step 5: Electricity retailer work request to perform the metering change.
Step 6: Metering change is completed by Energex.
Step 7: Hooray! You can now turn on your solar power.

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I would like to thank solar 2015 for a pleasant and professional transaction regarding our solar panel and inverter installation. Your sales person was prompt and honest with regards his presentation. Your installers were excellent and knowledgeable regarding the installation. The installers certainly went above and beyond. My congratulations to yourselves on being professional, courteous and competitive. I will liaise with yourselves over the coming months to initiate my battery installation next. Thanks again.

Mark W, Kedron,

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