What you can do?

What you can do?

What would Jesus do? Install solar!

Imagine being able to power your church with power courtesy of the sun?

How might that impact the bottom line finances of your congregation?

Whether you’re in the city or in a rural area, there is a solar energy option that’s right for your church.

For grid connected solar power systems, the Australian Government’s solar credits program provides community groups with thousands off the cost of a grid connected system. For off grid battery systems, assistance is available too!

Aside from government rebates and subsidies, Superior Solar Solutions will provide peace of mind for your congregation. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and will ensure the whole process from quoting to install and beyond is smooth and stress free.

Not only will you save money, you’ll also be the talk of the neighbourhood as a environmentally responsible church who is looking towards future sustainability.

Your church project may be eligible for a Queensland Government Community Benefit Fund. More information about this fund can be found here.

What you can do now?

1. Carry out an environmental assessment and energy audit.
Do you have any environmental enthusiasts from your church or local community that could carry out an assessment and energy audit of your church building and activities. If not, we can help you with this.

2. Community involvement.
Winning the hearts and minds of your community and creating enthusiasm for the project will help make everything run smoothly and increase your funding opportunities. Help others see that becoming ‘greener’ is possible, desirable and relevant to the life and vision of your church.

3. Feasibility study.
Get quotes from reliable solar companies who understand the complexities of commercial solar and solar battery storage. Ensure they provide a comprehensive back-up service and warranties and they understand the goals you want to achieve.

Do you want more information?

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about solar or solar storage. Contact us for an obligation free quote. 1300 469 765.


I would like to thank solar 2015 for a pleasant and professional transaction regarding our solar panel and inverter installation. Your sales person was prompt and honest with regards his presentation. Your installers were excellent and knowledgeable regarding the installation. The installers certainly went above and beyond. My congratulations to yourselves on being professional, courteous and competitive. I will liaise with yourselves over the coming months to initiate my battery installation next. Thanks again.

Mark W, Kedron,

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