Why Solar Power?

Why Solar Power?


Discover a whole new world of energy with solar power.

Solar Power lets you tap into the energy of the sun to power your home. Every sunray that hits your roof is an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your electricity bill. Over one million Australians have chosen solar and are being rewarded for it – and you can join them today.

There are two main ways solar can reward you

Use less electricity from the grid

By using a renewable energy source like solar, you only have to draw electricity from the grid when you need more electricity than your system can produce. Since you only pay for what you use from the grid, you’ll save more.

Be rewarded for contributing to the grid

When your system generates more electricity than you use, the additional power is fed back into the grid. By doing so, you may be eligible for a feed-in tariff.


Power your home or office with the sun’s energy

Solar is a renewable energy resource that uses photovoltaic systems to create electricity. The term photo (light)voltaic (electricity) is essentially the process of light turning into electricity. Solar energy systems use this process to generate its own electricity – reducing your electricity bill and your home’s impact on the environment.

Here’s how the process works

Step 1
The sun’s photons (or light) are absorbed by the solar panel.

Step 2
The silicon and conductors in the panel convert the photons into Direct Current (DC) electricity, which flows into the inverter.

Step 3
The inverter converts the DC into Alternate Current (AC) electricity to be used in your home.

Step 4

Any additional electricity that’s not used by your home is fed back into the grid.

Step 5

Electricity will be drawn from the grid when you need more power than your solar energy system can produce.


I would like to thank solar 2015 for a pleasant and professional transaction regarding our solar panel and inverter installation. Your sales person was prompt and honest with regards his presentation. Your installers were excellent and knowledgeable regarding the installation. The installers certainly went above and beyond. My congratulations to yourselves on being professional, courteous and competitive. I will liaise with yourselves over the coming months to initiate my battery installation next. Thanks again.

Mark W, Kedron,

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